Park View Celebrates 10 Years of 'Art'ful Living

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In October, Park View Apartments celebrated its 10th Anniversary with an Arts Show filled with items created by Park View’s very creative residents during the years 2005 to 2015. The display included model masterpieces created by architect John Eberhard, founder of the Academy of Neuroscience for Architecture, oil and acrylic paintings by Park View artists, poems, posters, photographs, exquisite weaving, needlework and quilts – even a gingerbread house!

The writing life was well-represented at the Author’s Table, which was full of books written and created within the homes of Park View residents, including those of celebrated author Lihua O’Leary.

All of these fascinating and lovely pieces were shown to the accompaniment of piano music played by four Park View musicians. And this is just the talent found within one building on campus.

If you’ve visited Asbury Methodist Village and wondered why everyone you see looks so busy and happy, this show was evidence. This is a community filled with people who aren’t about to stop sharing their knowledge and talents just because they retired. Whether it’s by participating in the arts, creating a club or community outreach group like the Gaithersburg Beloved Community Initiative, attending classes like the award-winning Brain Waves, or volunteering to help on campus and off, Asbury Methodist Village residents have made this Gaithersburg’s most active and engaging retirement community.

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