Kindley Family Member Brings Outside In

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Susan Kekeris and her family members spent hours creating this lovely mural at Kindley Assisted Living.

On Saturday, September 9, residents, family members and associates of Kindley Assisted Living will dedicate the completion of a beautiful new mural in their memory support neighborhood. Created by Susan Kekeris (and a few helpers) the "Asbury Park" mural brightens the 6th floor elevator lobby. View a video of the new mural's progression

Susan is the daughter of a resident of Kindley Assisted Living, and devoted hours of her time as a way to express her appreciation of the care her mother is receiving and to give something back to all of the residents there. See Susan's dedication remarks below:

"Earlier this year I was asked by Asbury if I would volunteer to create a mural for the 6th floor – Memory floor elevator bank area. I said yes, and off I went.

It took some time, as I have a full-time job along with other obligations, but in doing so I got to see a lot of the events and interactions that take place at Asbury. So I’d like to dedicate the mural not only to the folks who reside on the 6th floor, but to the caretakers and workers who look after our loved ones with their endless patience, humor and most importantly, gentle compassion. You don’t know and love them like we do, nor do you hold the memories of happier times with them like we do, yet we hope that you look after them like we would – not a simple request, we know that.

One of my favorite quotes was said by Pablo Picasso: 'The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.'

While our gifts may not seem of great value to ourselves, they may mean the world to someone else. So thank you Asbury caregivers for sharing your gifts. The ability to coax a smile out of someone having a bad day? It’s a gift. Sitting with a resident to talk about their past or holding someone's hand for comfort? It’s a gift. Preparing a special meal for someone who has lost their appetite, or delivering nice, clean sheets with a warm smile? You got it, it’s a gift.

So thank you again for allowing me to paint this and thank you for doing what you do. We all notice and greatly appreciate you."

We would like to thank Susan for these wonderful words that recognize the great work Asbury associates do every day - and for bringing new art and beauty to Kindley Assisted Living.


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