Village Life: The Musical - It's Back and Better Than Ever!

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Casting recently got underway for "Village Life: The Musical 2." Pictured, Phyllis Zeno, left, and Lydia Page.

“Village Life: The Musical” is back! Last year, Asbury resident Phyllis Zeno, who spent 20 years working as a composer and lyricist for the television industry in New York, had a brainstorm. Why not turn her observations as a newcomer to campus life into entertainment?

“… After living here for a few months, I realized that there were a lot of funny things to write about,” Phyllis said in a Washington Post interview last May after the musical aired. She teamed up with piano accompanist, Sylva McCulloh, and a show was born. Coming in at an hour and 15 minutes with a cast of dozens, the show was standing-room only for its two performances.

Clearly a sequel was needed.

Several weeks ago, casting for “Village Life: The Musical 2” got underway. More than 65 residents showed up to take on parts ranging from comedic skits and song and dance numbers to stage management and tech crew.

Many cast members from last year returned for round two – some bringing a spouse who did not participate in the original but wanted to be in on this year’s fun. There were 32 rehearsals for last year’s production, and every one of them was a blast, says Linda Aber, Director of Communications for Asbury Methodist Village – and Phyllis’s daughter.

“Village Life: The Musical 2” will run May 1, 2 and 3 in the theater in Rosborough Cultural Arts & Wellness Center.


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