Vegan Cuisine Takes Center Stage

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Dr. Neal Barnard, seated, speaks with residents who attended his lecture and a tasting of vegan cuisine presented by The Asbury Foundation.

Close to 100 residents were on hand September 27 for a discussion by renowned health expert Dr. Neal Barnard followed by a tasting of delicious vegan – yes, that’s right, vegan – dishes. The event was sponsored by The Asbury Foundation, which is grateful for the collaborative efforts of Sodexo and Dr. Barnard's Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine in providing the tempting treats.

Resident Keith Woodward hadn’t planned on attending the event, but was glad she did. “He inspired me to try some new ways of eating,” she said, adding that the lecture reinforced some dietary advice she already knew but didn’t necessarily follow, and taught her some new information, too.

“I’m from Omaha, and in my family growing up, there was no such thing as fish or a salad,” Keith said. “Just like Dr. Barnard said his family’s meals consisted of beef, potatoes and corn, that’s how our dinners were.” During the presentation, Dr. Barnard shared information about such dietary dilemmas as fat, cholesterol and diabetes, and showed research documenting the effects of a vegetarian diet on cholesterol levels and a vegan diet on reversing type 2 diabetes.

Afterwards, residents eagerly tried – among other items – butternut squash ravioli, chocolate orange bread pudding, kale and fruit smoothies, and a dish made of cranberries and cannellini beans. Many of them then headed to a table where Dr. Barnard signed copies of his books, which include “Dr. Neal Barnard’s Program for Reversing Diabetes” and “Foods That Fight Pain.” And judging from the crowds around him, residents’ kitchens might be looking a little healthier in the coming months.


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