Three German Teens Settle in for a Stay

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From left are Felix, Nina and Nico, Asbury's interns from Germany.

Three cheerful, smiling young persons arrived at Asbury Methodist Village from Germany this summer for a year-long internship, and are really immersing themselves in the senior-living culture by residing on our campus in the Trott Apartments.

Their stay comes through World Horizons. So far, our new friends have already made a fine impression as they work with care management, fitness, and the community’s in-house television studio, AVTV. Recently, they served as ambassadors to visitors who were touring the campus as part of the 2011 LeadingAge conference. 

Nina Rotert, 19, is from MĒ–nster in northwestern Germany. Her choice to work with Care Management reflects her interest in both medicine and social work, interests she intends to pursue at university. She speaks French in addition to English, and has traveled to many countries of Western Europe and the U.S. West Coast. She misses her grandmother’s cooking, German bread, and the ready availability of draft beer. 

Nicolai “Nico” Schneickert,19, is from Worms, southwest of Frankfurt. He wants to go into international business, and his choice of the Fitness Center reflects his love of, and adeptness at, many sports and dancing. He is fluent in French and has studied Spanish. Before going back home he would like to visit Boston, New York City, and the West Coast. He misses potato pancakes with apple sauce topping, but most of all he says he misses his grandmother, whom he used to visit every school day for a snack after school.

Felix Johne, 18, has lived in Munich, but now lives in a small town in Bavaria. He hasn’t yet decided what to pursue at university, but like Nina and Nico, is quite the traveler, having visited many European countries and spent a two-week family vacation in Florida. He’s spending his time working with staff and resident volunteers at AVTV, learning camera and editing skills. He hopes to get back to Florida and visit some other cities during his stay - as do his new friends.

While here, they’re being supervised by associates Amy Ostrolenk, Cheryl Patterson and Linda Aber – who have also been making sure they get advice on where to buy food and other essentials, and sightseeing tips. Wilkommen, we say!

By Rod Mills, Mund Apartments


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