Dr. Roger Landry’s "Live Long, Die Short"

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Ten Tips for Successful Aging

Dr. Roger Landry’s Live Long, Die Short Book Tour

Masterpiece Living president and author of Live Long, Die Short: A Guide to Authentic Health and Successful Aging, Dr. Roger Landry, began his national book tour in January of 2014. Originally, the tour was slated to be a four-month journey to share the good news about successful aging, but has since been extended through October of 2014 to meet the growing demand for this popular presentation.


During his visit at Asbury, Dr. Landry shared the empowering truth that aging well is about rediscovering what our ancestors learned long ago, and reconnecting with our roots. He explains that change “is not an extreme sport.” We all can do it if we take small, consistent steps. Dr. Landry also challenged the audience to utilize ten tips toward authentic health. Authentic health, he explained, is the state of genuine vitality consistent with our human origins and individual nature.


Dr. Roger’s Ten Tips for Successful Aging:

1.      Use It or Lose It – Continue to develop physically, intellectually, socially and spiritually to keep your mind and body sharp.

2.      Keep Moving – Physical activity builds resiliency and leads to better health.

3.      Challenge Your Brain – Our brains continue to develop across a lifetime if we exercise them.

4.      Stay Connected – We thrive on interacting with others on a regular basis.

5.      Lower Your Risks – Work with your physician to eliminate or decrease the potential for developing diseases you may be at risk for.

6.      Never “Act Your Age” – What would you do if you knew you could not fail? Don’t ever believe you’re too old to try new things.

7.      Wherever You Are, Be There – Make time for quiet moments of reflection and things that help you de-stress, whether it’s getting out in nature, meditation, yoga or practicing a craft. Reducing stress also reduces your risk for disease.

8.      Find Your Purpose – Explore volunteering and engaging in meaningful activities.

9.      Have Children in Your Life – Children remind us of the magnificent circle of life, and our part in it. They keep us youthful.

10.  Laugh to a Better Life – Laughter enhances your immune system and overall wellbeing. Laugh your way to better health.



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