César and Georgia Portocarrero

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Georgia and César Portocarrero

Asbury Methodist Village had been on the radar of Georgia and César Portocarrero long before they move in. Years earlier they looked into Asbury for Georgia’s mom. So when they started thinking about their future plans, they put their name on the waitlist at Asbury. Before they knew it – or were ready to move – a Courtyard Home became available. 

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Knowing that Asbury provided the lifestyle and security they wanted down the road, they jumped at the opportunity to move. In their minds it was the perfect time – they were young and healthy enough to make the decision on their own and could take full advantage of all of the classes and activities – from campus lectures to water painting, fitness and aquatic classes to snow tubing excursions. And it’s a great place to meet people – they’ve made more friends in six months at Asbury then they made in 30 years living in their old neighborhood.

The move gave them peace of mind for themselves and their family, knowing no one would have to make decisions about their care down the road because they took control. They love the continuing care aspect of the community because even though they don’t need it now, they may need the health services one day, and it’s good to know it’s there.

Not only was the decision to move easy, the actual moving process was too! The Portocarreros said this move was the most stress-free they’ve experienced and have to credit Asbury for the easy transition. Plus they love that Asbury takes care of everything, from security to maintenance they don’t have to worry. 

The Portocarreros are anticipating more for their future and couldn’t be happier! 


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