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Plan a Better Move

Location: Rosborough Cultural Arts & Wellness Center

Time: Tuesday, February 18, 2014 at 1:00pm - 3:00pm


Smart-Sizing with TAD

It is TIME to move into a more life-style appropriate home at Asbury. But the thought of “HOW” is overwhelming? How long have you lived in your home…30, 40, 50+ years? Have the “kids” moved out but more “stuff” moved in? We have a solution.

TAD Relocation in conjunction with Asbury Methodist Village is conducting an energetic and informative set of workshops to provide realistic and note-worthy tips! Learn how to organize to prepare for your move; how to distribute unwanted/unnecessary items; and how to design your space using your furniture in your new home! Yes, you CAN get organized faster than imagined and get on with the next chapter of your life!



At TAD Relocation we prefer the term “Rightsizing”. Join us as we discuss the process of methodically going through the contents of your home as you begin to downsize and prepare for your next move. TAD will provide tips and ideas that are adaptable for individual circumstances to help you sort through and decide what you will take with you. We will talk about techniques to use as you shift, sort and organize your space including the impact of timelines and the focus of energy and resources. A light hearted introduction of “know thyself” reinforces that no “one” way is perfect for everyone and we have fun exploring how to motivate ourselves. The “five places stuff can go” is the over-riding theme that is used for the decision making model. It also “sets up” the participants for the next workshop that provides information about “how and where” unwanted items will go.

What Do I Do With My “Stuff”

So you don’t want it anymore and your family isn’t interested either so now what do you do? We will explore the myriad of ways to find new homes for the items you don’t want. While the simple and most obvious options are to sell, donate or dispose of any remaining items each option provides a host of different possibilities. There are a tremendous amount of resources available and finding the best match for you and the effort you’re willing to put forth will make the process easier. The more time you have in your downsizing process the more options you can take to find a good home for many of your unwanted things. We will help to discern the most efficient and cost effective processes so that you don’t get caught up in efforts that lead to less than desirable results.

Planning a Great Space

  A smooth and enjoyable transition to your home is entirely possible when you plan thoughtfully and systematically for your move. TAD will review floor plan techniques to use as you plan what to take and how to place it in your new home. We will talk about the importance of the plan and how it can be essential to a successful move. The floor plan should be a top priority as you prepare to downsize and will be your “roadmap,” guiding you as you determine what to take and what to leave behind. We have enjoyed the excitement and creativity of helping thousands of clients design their new space. Along the way, we have learned a great deal and will pass along tips on how to stretch and maximize your new space. With a good plan you can create a safe, comfortable and attractive new home where you have the things you really need and love.

Join us on Thursday, February 6, 2014 from 1:00pm to 3:00pm. Seating is limited and this event is sure to fill up fast so reserve your place today by calling 301-637-0509.


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Seating is sure to fill up fast for this exclusive event.
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