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Mark Russell

A Man, His Piano and a Whole Lot of Satire
Join Asbury on October 28th and start your day with a chuckle. For more than three decades, Mark Russell hosted comedy specials and roasted the pols on Meet the Press. Now, he’s bringing his unique blend of piano and political satire to Asbury. Mark's ripped-from-the-headlines humor is guaranteed to keep you laughing. RSVP here.

Retirement trends

For Many, Retirement Means … Working
Working after retirement is gaining traction, and Asbury has numerous residents who work part-time or have launched interesting second careers post retirement. See what the latest study of 20,000 Americans over 50 found out about retirement trends in our country here.

Hearing and brain health

Hearing & Brain Health Linked
For centuries, hearing loss has been viewed as a troublesome but not particularly troubling condition. But new research linking hearing loss to an increased risk for cognitive declines and even dementia should move addressing this issue straight to the top of our to-do list. Find out about the latest links between hearing and brain health here.

Staying Active

The Building Blocks of
Active Aging

Resident Edith Isacke celebrated her 90th birthday tailgating with her family at one of her beloved Penn State games. “I try to keep people moving,” says Edith, who has played an instrumental role in Asbury’s recent renovations. Learn more about this active aging dynamo here.

Take Our RightSizing Quiz

Take Our RightSizing Quiz
Local realtor Eric Stewart has developed a Bill of Rights for empty-nesters: the right not to own a basement, the right to throw away old copies of National Geographic, and many more. Know your rights and take Eric’s short quiz to help you uncover your preferred future, one where your home fits you like a favorite pair of shoes – and meets your needs today and tomorrow. Start here.

The Villas

Tour The Villas
The Villas is a wooded enclave combining the advantages of neighborhood living with the security of a Continuing Care Retirement Community. Each brick home comes with a full kitchen, garage, laundry, and spacious yard. But The Villas has something no single-family home does – convenient access to all of the amenities of the Asbury lifestyle. Start your tour here.

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