A Second Chance for An Afternoon With Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy
The first event was such a hit, we’re bringing back this fascinating first-person look at the woman behind one of our country’s most celebrated Presidents told through a historical interpreter. RSVP for this Monday, June 22 here.


The Perfect Summer Salad Recipe
By late summer, many of us will be wondering why on earth we planted all of those tomatoes and zucchini. Courtesy of the chefs at Asbury, here’s a perfect summer Tomato, Onion and Roasted Lemon Salad that will make sure the fruits of your labors don’t go to waste. Get the recipe here.


Meet Asbury’s Own “Dear Abby”
As a former pastoral counselor, Mary Ebinger is in a unique position to tackle some tough topics in her advice column for the community’s Village Life newspaper. A woman who believes that life is an adventure, she nevertheless understands that aging is not without challenges. Read some of Mary’s advice to others here.


Estate Planning & Power of Attorney
As we age, ensuring that our interests will be represented if we become unable to advocate for ourselves takes on greater importance. Of the many legal documents that are part of this, a power of attorney is critical. But misconceptions about the rights power of attorney grants are common. Get the facts here.


The Link Between Hearing Loss and Dementia
Hearing loss is an unfortunate side effect of aging for millions of Americans. But it’s not something to shrug off as a minor annoyance at dinner parties. Read about the link between hearing loss and brain health, outlined in research from Johns Hopkins University, here.


Take a Virtual Tour of The Villas
With its own gated entrance, this wooded enclave is set apart from the main Asbury campus for added privacy. Each brick home comes with a full kitchen, garage, laundry, and spacious yard. But The Villas has something no single-family home does — convenient access to all of the amenities of the Asbury lifestyle. Start your tour here.