Anticipations - June 2013
A monthly online guide to a place where you can anticipate more.

Celebrate a jazzy start to summer

Welcome summer's official arrival with a celebration at Asbury – "Big Easy" style. Asbury's Summer Solstice Celebration features New Orleans-inspired music from the Strathmore, food and good times at an outdoor party.

You're invited to join the fun from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., Friday, June 21.

Call 301-825-9364 or visit to RSVP.

We're laying it on the table

Get the lowdown on the facts and figures behind making the move to Asbury Methodist Village. Join us for an upcoming lunch and round-table discussion, where you'll get a chance to ask all your tough questions – and get straight answers about the options, benefits and surprising affordability of Asbury.

Round-table lunches are limited to 10 guests, so reserve your place at the table today.

Events will be held at 11 a.m. on Thursday, July 11, and Saturday, July 13. Call 301-825-9364 to RSVP. Or, RSVP online for an alternate date that may be more convenient for you.

Special Offers Ending Soon

Asbury has a long tradition of providing desirable options for retirement living, backed by a secure plan for the future. But with an improving economy, special pricing will be ending soon. Through June 30, a large one-bedroom apartment home is available at an entry fee as low as $93,840. But offers like this won't last long. Come see the vibrant Asbury lifestyle for yourself and take advantage of these limited-time savings by reserving a home before June 30.

Call 301-825-9364 to schedule your visit today! And visit to explore available floor plans. (Click on the tab for the building that interests you, then scroll to the bottom to click on floor plans.)

Resident Spotlight: Donna Schramm

Relocation is nothing new to Donna Schramm. Whether it was moving around for her father's job or living in far-off lands as part of the Peace Corps, she loves exploring new places. Donna's a lady on the move and we're happy that she's made Asbury her latest stop.

Learn more about Donna's travels.

Top 5 "Smart" Senior Summer Travel Destinations

If you're a traveler, the thirst for knowledge and new experiences never ends. listed the top 5 educational tour destinations for seniors. If you like to stay closer to home, there's good news! Washington, D.C. was named the No. 1 destination for senior travelers.

Read the complete article here.

Need a place to stay during your summer vacation?

Tired of staying in the same chain hotels or ho-hum rental properties? offers a look into some of the most unique accommodations around the world to help find a great place to stay on your next trip. Off-the-beaten path hotels, creatively designed vacation homes and so much more, this site has it all.

Check it out here. - Equal Housing Opportunity, CARF CCAC Accredited - 301-825-9364