Resident Governance

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Residents play an integral role in planning, creating and organizing all the activities that are happening every day at Asbury Methodist Village. Residents and associates work together to ensure that a wide variety of interests are always represented, and that there are options available for residents to participate in their favorite activities, and discover new ones, too.

Participation and coordination between residents and associates can happen on a number of levels. As a resident, your role may be something as simple as reading reports or watching Asbury View, an AVTV program on which residents and community leaders discuss topics of interest to the larger community. Or it could be involvement with Asbury’s Partnership Advisory Committees (PACs), an appointed position in which residents serve as representatives for their building and work with Administrators to develop programs and address other service issues. And of course, your specific contribution might be something as simple as taking the initiative to start a new group around a common interest, such as ethnic lunch, arts & crafts, Bocce or star gazing.

Whatever your background or interest level, there are opportunities to lead or support Asbury’s efforts to make life here interesting, active and full of exciting opportunities to get involved.

Coordinating Council Asbury Village

The Coordinating Council of Asbury Village (CCAV) provides a convenient and accessible means of communication and cooperation between residents and AMV Administration. Meetings provide a public opportunity to present and discuss items of interest to residents. The meetings are attended by the Officers of CCAV, the Partnership Advisory Committees (PAC) Resident Co-Chairs, two resident representatives from each Resident Council, and Asbury Methodist Village Executives and Program Directors. All residents are encouraged to attend.