Vivian Otto

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Vivian Otto both amazes and serves as a great role model for me. On campus she arranges travel opportunities, providing wonderful experiences for her neighbors – and doing it with good humor, great organizational skills and good will toward those for whom traveling is not easy. However, she doesn’t just limit her activities to Asbury. She has been a major mover in the Gaithersburg chapter of the American Association of University Women group. For years she has been the primary person in charge of the used book sale which nets thousands of scholarships each year, and thought not in the lead position any longer, continues to serve on the planning committee and to be present faithfully over the four days of the sale and the weeks of preparation for it. She works at a local school as a mentor and tutor and has volunteered for Meals on Wheels. It almost wears me out to detail the things I know she does, although I KNOW there are many things she does that I don’t know about. She’s an amazing ambassador for Asbury. - Anita Taylor

What I know about Vivian Otto’s selfless contributions to enhance the quality of life here, I’m sure are just the tip of the iceberg. She has worked long and hard to improve the dining experience at Asbury. - Joan Dunlop

Vivian continues to organize and direct her cruise trips on America’s rivers and streams in a very personal way – constantly thinking of her cruise “students” in the little things that mean so much in bringing out the best experience. She never thinks of herself. It’s always “What do you need?” or “How can I help?” - Walter Bank

She is involved in so many volunteer activities, assisting at a nearby school, hosting parties to introduce new residents and helping them get unpacked and organized. She plans and leads week-long trips, outings to dinner theatres and concerts, visits those at Wilson Health Care Center and does many other things I’m sure I’m not aware of. - Jane Farber

Her record and example are already well-known at Asbury. Recognition of her energy, devotion, persistence and creativity would be commendable. - Dorothy Beltz