Betty and Ralph Wilbur

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You’ve got to have heart to do what Ralph and Betty do every day, something for someone else be it family, mastering their HealthAbility goals or sending good music over the community’s airways. They are always smiling, no matter which one of the many volunteer activities they may be in the midst of, conducting a sing-along at Edwards-Fisher Apartments, or announcing the latest Keese School course. They make my heart “sing.” - Ginny Hawke

This couple are loving, caring, happy folks. Their daily lives are filled with the words of the Golden Rule. Their positive outlook on life is infectious. It’s a real treat to know them! - Anonymous

Betty is generally recognized as the “den mother” of Edwards-Fisher. She constantly keeps us “old geezers” in line, is a fount of knowledge for new residents and is a cheerful and effective volunteer for everything available, including arranging monthly sing-alongs and floor dinners. She is truly living in the finest tradition of the Asbury Methodist Village spirit. - Anonymous