Alice Gardner

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Alice is there for everyone. She visits the sick in Wilson and also checks the well-being of residents in Park View. Alice is involved in many focus groups, works at the Clothes Closet and takes care of the library. You can depend on Alice for support or care. She is the perfect example of living the Asbury way. - Phyllis and Michael Skiba

Alice is active in so many activities across campus and in Park View. She has created and maintains a fabulous library, is the vice chair of the Williamsburg Clothes Closet council, is a member of the marketing PAC and takes part in many Asbury Foundation activities. However, the most heartfelt thing Alice does is to get to know every resident personally and help out, especially when things get tough. She informally keeps informed of residents’ health status and lets friends know when support is needed. She reminds me of this hymn: "I would be true – for there are those who trust me. I would be friend of all the foe, the friendless. I would be giving and forget the gift. I would be humble for I know my weakness. I would look up, and laugh and love and lift."  - Judy Bankson