Al Benson

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Al Benson is an example of someone who has given much time, energy and talent to Asbury. After moving to Mund Apartments, Al soon became involved with the Resident Council and quickly became chairman of the Walk-Through Committee that checks on the need for building repairs and improvements. Following that, he became chairman of the Resident Council, helping find more space for the Bargain Mart housed on Mund’s ground floor. In the past few years, Al has assumed the role of helping Ned Hopper with the very strenuous job of removing left-over contents from vacated apartments and bringing them to the Bargain Mart’s monthly sales. This involves heavy lifting as well as cleaning and improving the appearance of items. The job never ends, and sometimes involves being on duty every day of the week. Although Ned deserves much of the credit for the Mart’s operation, few people are aware of the time, energy and judgment that Al Benson contributes toward this effort. I have overheard many comments from my fellow residents about how Al has helped them or others with minor repairs, advice and even transportation. He is certainly someone who deserves to be honored. - Lois Odle