Gaithersburg Beloved Community Initiative

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senior volunteer opportunities, Gaithersburg, MD
Rev. Hal Garman, rear right, and GBCI member John Travis, rear left, enjoy one of the group's pool parties held at Asbury.

The Gaithersburg Beloved Community Initiative (GBCI) is a partnership with Wesley Theological Seminary, Gaithersburg City, Identity, an agency serving Latino youth and families, Montgomery County Public Schools and the Montgomery County Executive Office. Conceived by Rev. Hal Garman shortly after he moved to Asbury Methodist Village in 2011, Beloved Community engages Asbury and area residents in supporting youth. GBCI was inspired by a Martin Luther King Day sermon on the challenges facing minority youth and is named after King’s vision of social justice and equality.

By bringing together people of all ages and backgrounds, Beloved Community reminds us that we all share common interests and desires. 

  • Gaithersburg Elementary School Mentor Program
  • Conversational English Group for Latino Moms
  • SHARE, Jewish Council for the Aging Interages program
  • Photography, Art & Nature youth workshops
  • Advocacy for local youth resources
  • Gaithersburg High School and Student Union events
  • Current Programs (programs may change)

In 2014, Beloved Community earned the LeadingAge Hobart Jackson Award for Cultural Diversity.

  • View the LeadingAge Award video here.
  • Read more about GBCI's activities here.
  • Read about GBCI's recent work with Muslim youth in this GenerationsUnited report.

Volunteers are needed and welcome! Contact Michele Bulatovic, program manager, for more information.

Photo Tour

Rev. Hal Garman receives the 2014 Hobart Jackson Cultural Diversity Award from LeadingAge.
Rev. Hal Garman receives the 2014 Hobart Jackson Cultural Diversity Award from LeadingAge. View our photo gallery »